I am an invited Assistant Professor (Adjunct) at Nova School of Business and Economics.

I teach Public Finance to Masters’ students since 2016. We focus on taxation – tax incidence, tax distortions, optimal taxation – so that students can have an informed opinion on the impact of tax policies and tax design, not only on efficiency but also on equity grounds. We take some time to discuss the empirical methods to study public finance and we review recent empirical contributions. We also discuss avenues for tax reform.

I am the coordinator of the Economics and Public Finance module of the Political Training Course, organized by ICJP – FDUL. You can check the programme here. First edition: jan. 2021/may 2021.

I taught Microeconomic Analysis to Masters’ students in 2019/2020.

PhD Thesis supervision

I am the co-supervisor of Inês Póvoa PhD Thesis, jointly with Antonieta Cunha e Sá. She is working on firm level effects of extreme weather events, a topic which will became ever more relevant with the ongoing climate change and its effects.

I took part in the Examining Committee of Risa Pavia (Nova SBE / UCLouvain) and Catarina Alvarez (Nova SBE) .

Masters Thesis supervision

I regularly supervise masters thesis from young economists with a strong interest in Public Economics:

2021/2022: Diogo on the elasticity of the corporate tax base; Alessandro on preferences for taxation; Francisco on tax progressivity; Nuno on SME tax incentives; David on firm growth on the Road Freight Transport sector;

2020/2021: Ana Rita on the impact of the COVID crisis on women; João on firms’ financing; António on ageing and productivity; André on credit guarantees;

2019/2020: Gabriel on the economic governance of the euro area; Mariana on preferences for redistribution; Pedro on VAT incidence; Leonor on the future of the EU; Alessandro on EU fiscal union; Margarida on the future of work; Aileen on migrations; Rui (co-supervision) on productivity; Joyce on energy transition;

2018/2019 Margarida on public pensions and ageing;

2017/2018 Christian on zombie firms and productivity; Hugo on structural reforms & productivity and employment growth; José on labor market reforms;

2016/2017 Gustavo on deregulation of product markets;

2015/2016 Luís on firms’ markups; Filipa on the tradable sector definition.