As an economist, I devote my time to the better understanding of the impact of public policy, also taking into account the political economy dimension.

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Since October 2019, I serve as the Economic Adviser to the Prime-Minister of Portugal. I am also an invited Assistant Professor (Adjunct) at Nova School of Business and Economics, teaching the graduate course on Public Finance since 2016.

From February 2018 to October 2019, I worked at the Structural Research and Public Finance Division of the Economics and Research Department of Banco de Portugal. My research projects focused on (i) productivity developments; and (ii) public finance and firms’ incentives. 

From 2015 to early 2018, I was at the Portuguese Ministry of Finance, being responsible for the setting up of a new unit tasked with the ex-ante and ex-post assessment of structural reforms.

I have also worked at the Portuguese Ministry for the Economy (2015), the European Central Bank (2008-2014) and Banco de Portugal (2004-2008).

Over the years, I participated in different international fora, mainly related to structural policies: the Steering Group of the OECD Global Forum on Productivity (as co-chair, 2016/2017), the OECD Working Party number 1 on macroeconomic and structural policies analysis (2016/2017/2019), the European Commission LIME Working group on structural policies and quantitative tools (2016/2017), the European Commission Economic Policy Committee (2014) and the European System of Central Banks Task Force on the implementation of euro area pension funds statistics (2008).

I hold a PhD in Economics from Nova SBE, with a dissertation on the political economy of pension system reform. I was a visiting PhD student at Toulouse School of Economics and University of Liège.

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